Bones Season 6 Episode 11 “The Bullet In The Brain” Guide

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January 15, 2011

Fox has released the official synopsis for the January 27th episode of “Bones”, “The Bullet In The Brain”. With Boreanaz behind the camera, the Gravedigger will appear for possibly the last time and a new sniper will settle into the lives of our team.

Patricia Belcher and Ryan O’Neal Guest-Star
Episode Directed by David Boreanaz
The city anxiously anticipates the arrival of Heather Taffet, more notoriously known as “The Gravedigger,” for her final appeal after being sentenced to death for a kidnap-murder and a series of similar coldblooded crimes. But when a bullet targeted at The Gravedigger is fired from a distance and hits her, the Jeffersonian team is tasked to piece together the sniper’s precise location as well as identify the suspect and his motives. With the help of probing investigator Caroline Julian (guest star Belcher), Booth and Brennan put together a list of likely suspects, but the evidence and the remarkable skill needed to pull off the crime leads the team to believe that the crime was an inside, professional job, leaving Brennan’s father Max (guest star O’Neal) and even Booth as plausible suspects. Meanwhile, Sweets attempts to put on a brave face after being caught in the firestorm just moments following a chilly encounter with The Gravedigger in the all-new “The Bullet in the Brain” episode of BONES airing Thursday, Jan. 27 (9:00-10:00 PM) ET/PT on FOX.

  • Michael S

    I’m a little surprised Booth didn’t take the shot when he had the chance. He didn’t seem to like the guy that much, and even injured Booth had the skill. But regardless, it was a great episode that was made even better with my DISH Network HD service. As a customer and employee of DISH I can safely say that DISH has more HD channels than any other provider and the quality is amazing.