Pej Vahdat Will be Fulfilling His Squintern Duties Before The Season’s Out

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March 31, 2011

Squintern Arastoo Vaziri~Pej Vahdat is making his way back to Bones. Vahdat has been absent since his last appearance in Episode 5, “The Bones That Weren’t”. Via tweeter he revealed that he’d be back before season 6 is over and boasted about the episode in question.

“I am returning to my Bones family tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. You guys are gonna love this episode.”

  • BadKitty

    I haven’t seen any speculations that Arastoo Vaziri may be the sniper victim. In Brodsky’s mind, he could be doing the whole “all muslims must be destroyed” line of thinking. They’ve also had this character sort of on the “back burner” this season.