New ‘Bones’ Villain To Change The Course Of The Series

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January 11, 2012

This Thursday’s episode of Bones, “The Crack In The Code”, will be the last for a couple of months while the show goes back on hiatus to finish filming. However, we will get to meet the new villain, played by Andrew Leeds, who will create a fair amount of trouble and tension for Booth and Brennan.

“Hopefully by the end of the season, he will change the course of the series for a little bit,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says, promising a Season 7 cliff-hanger to rival last year’s pregnancy reveal. “It’s going to put [Booth and Brennan] in a completely different situation than they’ve been in before professionally. And that will affect them personally to a large, large extent.”

  • Jenn26450

    Ok they finally got together and the writers are already giving them trouble as a couple? We waited 7 years for this!

  • Susan

    I agree with Jenn, no more “trouble” for this couple and whatever happens let it make them closer and stronger as a “couple”!