New ‘Bones’ Season 7 Promo, Plus Due Date Revealed!!

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October 3, 2011

Below I have the newest Easter~egg promo for season 7 of Bones. Booth and Brennan are coping and cohabiting in preparation for Baby Bones.

According to EP Stephan Nathan our crime fighting duo will welcome their new addition in April after the series returns from a mid-season hiatus. “Brennan is going to be in prison when she goes into labor,” reveals Nathan. “Booth and Brennan are investigating a prison escape when they get locked in.” He also boasted that the writers have already decided on the sex of baby Bones, but Stephen is keeping that top secret.

Source: KingOfTheSong206

  • Fran Diaz101

    hahahhahahhahhah cant stop smiling like an idiot with this promooo!!! it’s going to be so greeeat!

  • Jenn26450

    Hahaha me too! I can’t wait to see them living together.

  • Susan

    I have now watched this several times and it just gets better and better!!!!!  Hurry up Nov. 3rd.!!!!