Michaela Conlin On Angela’s Post-Pregnancy And Season 7 Of ‘Bones’

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March 29, 2011

It’s already been pretty much confirmed that we will see Hogela’s baby before season 6 of Bones closes. Michaela Conlin has some post-pregnancy dish to spoil about what Anglea will be doing in season 7 of Bones. Here’s what the super-mom in training had to say,

“I feel like Angela, if anything, is gonna be tryin’ to strap that baby in as she travels the world. That was something I definitely talked to [creator Hart Hanson] about. When the pregnancy came up initially, I didn’t want it to change who Angela was and how adventurous she is. So I feel like Hart has always been very receptive to that, besides the fact that Hodgins has a lot of money, so maybe we can have somebody helping us.”

Source: EW