Fresh 'Bones' Paley Fest Spoilers

Fresh 'Bones' Paley Fest Spoilers

The Paley Center for Media honored Fox's hit forensic crime series, Bones. Creator Hart Hanson and Executive Producer Stephan Nathan took the stage with the rest of the cast to spoil and tease the remainder of Season 7. They started with a screening of the highly anticipated, April 2nd return of Bones, which will introduce Baby Bones to the world. Series star Emily Deschanel spoiled a little about the birth scene to EW before the event.

“The birth episode was very strange for me because my birth experience was so different from Brennan’s. My birth experience was much more calm…I really didn’t experience much pain at all, and Brennan is the opposite.”

The cast, as well as Hanson and Nathan were all visibly excited about the upcoming meta episode that will center around one of Brennan's books that's being made into a movie. Hanson spoiled that the actor playing Booth wears a 'kooky' buckle, Cam is a whole new Cam and the sets are ridiculously elaborate.

"It's like if you got drunk and watched Bones."



Below are the spoilerly highlights from the rest of the Bones panel at Paley Fest.

  • EP Stephan Nathan reveals that this season's cliffhanger 'will certainly change the course of Season 8
  • Daisy~Carla Gallo will be in the first episode back, "The Prisoner In The Pipe", plus a few more.
  • There will be an episode devoted to Parker's feelings toward his new baby sister.
  • Bones will air it's pre-scheduled 13-episode season and the 4 additional episodes have yet to be assigned air-date. The extra 4 eps exist outside the season 7 and will not be tied to cliffhanger finale.
  • Squintern Zack will not be present in Season 7.

The always fabulous Jim Halterman nabbed the video below with Creator Hart Hanson and EP Stephan Nathan.