First Look At The Season 7 Premiere “Memories In The Shallow Grave”, Plus Spoilery ‘Bones’ Bits

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October 11, 2011

I have some fab Bones bits to pass along to my spoiler family about the season 7 premiere, “Memories In The Shallow Grave”. We find Booth and Brennan together, house hunting and happily making plans for the future. There is also a very adorable pic from the premiere of our glowing couple. “Memories In Shallow Grave” premieres Thursday November 3rd on Fox. Sound off below with your thoughts!

“Season 7 starts with Brennan and Booth as many fans have always wanted them — together and expecting,”

Our favorite scene is at the very end, when they’re both lying in bed talking about finding a house and basically promising each other a wonderful future together. Plus, Booth uses the cutest baby-talk voice to speak to his unborn child, and then he goes and tops it off with a kiss to his gal’s pregnant belly.

“Is their relationship different? Sometimes yes, sometimes no,” says Stephan Nathan. “The conflict and confusion won’t go away. It’s just topped off with some physical contact. And, of course, murder.”

Sweets does more than just tell them how awesome parenthood can be…he shows them

Source: EOnline, TV Guide