'Finder' Star, Geoff Stults, Spills About 'Bones' Spin-off

'Finder' Star, Geoff Stults, Spills About 'Bones' Spin-off

Geoff Stults recently spoiled to Entertainment Weekly about his new pilot spin-off series, "The Finder". Stults' character, Walter Sherman, is head over heels for our very own Brennan~Emily Deschanel. Here's what a delightfully candid Stults had to stay about the new Bones spin-off, his relationships with our Bones crew and his character.

“She has a minute of like, ‘Wait, do I like him?’ — just enough, I’m sure, that the Bones fans are gonna be like, Nooo waaay,” he said. “I saw it one time on Twitter already. I was like let me shoot the f*****’ thing first...Don’t kill me. I’m just tryin’ to get a pilot picked up here.”

“Booth has always been resentful of that because I arrested him, and he’s always wanted to get me back,” explained Geoff. “But he’s also known that I’m really good at finding things.”

“For all intents and purposes, he’s a normal, charismatic, fun guy to be around,” said Geoff. “He’s just very distrusting of the government and phone companies or anything where he could be tracked or trailed or they could find out what he’s doing. He likes to live off the grid.”

“If he sees a girl that he thinks is beautiful, he tells her, ‘I think you’re beautiful.’ And some of ‘em fall for it, and then there’s some that don’t, unfortunately.”

“In one of our arguments, Ike (Latulippe), (played by Saffron Burrows) says, ‘Does anybody besides me realize that the only thing that Walter can’t find is lasting love?’ Which means every woman he meets, he falls in love with. And it’s genuine. He really thinks she could be the one. That’s one of his major flaws, but if you ask me, that’s one of the most wonderful things about him.”

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“The Finder” is slated to air Thursday, April 21st at 9/8c on Fox. Sound off below with your thoughts!