Fall Finale Has Been Moved Plus, Will Brennan Give Birth In Prison!?!?

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December 7, 2011

I have some Bones bits to pass along to my fellow fans! News came across the other day that the fall finale had been bumped to hurry along the premiere of new series The Finder. There has also been some spoilery gossip going around surrounding the circumstances of Brennan’s birth and episode 7, “The Prisoner In The Pipe”.

For those who haven’t heard, Fox announced that episode six of Bones, originally scheduled for Dec. 15, has been moved to Jan. 12 to help push the premiere of The Finder. But episode seven is where the party is at! Not only does someone actually have the stones to try and assault a very pregnant Bones (Emily Deschanel), but the parents-to-be run into a “there’s no room at the Inn” situation à la Mary and Joseph.

I also have a spoilery hint about Bones’ due date plus, Creator Hart Hanson puts his two cents in about the birth of B&B’s little bundle of joy.

When the show returns in March, Booth and a very pregnant Brennan will be touring maternity wards. In the same episode, “The Prisoner In The Pipe”, they’ll also visit a prison where they’ll investigate an inmate’s death. “How soon will she have the baby? It could happen [right away in Episode 7],” Hanson teases.

Source: TV Line, EOnline, TV Guide
It’s been rumored that Brennan goes into labor in a prison, so what are your thoughts fans?!?!?

  • Lisa

    I’m Upset they pushed back the Bones finale just to try to
    get people to watch a show that people don’t like…The Finder. I didn’t like The
    Finder. I don’t like Geoff Stultz and Michael Clarke Duncan seemed out of
    place. They got rid of that chick with the bad British accent and replaced her
    with god only knows and quite frankly, I don’t care.

  • Sylvia2036

    As a Brit, it’s about the worst possible version of a British accent ever – and the actress is actually British and speaks beautifully in real life!!