EW Spoils About The Season 7 Premiere, A Shippers Dream, But It’s Still ‘Bones’

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October 15, 2011

Thanks to EW I can share a few essential spoilers about the season 7 premiere of Bones that should put fans’ insecurities to rest.

    There’s a promise of satisfaction, gasp-worthy moments and the disgusting crime scene that is pure Bones.

In the first five minutes, there are no less than two gasp-worthy moments for any fan of this couple because the extent to which their world has changed is immediately apparent. There are plenty quality moments.

As one of those who was a little sad we didn’t get to see Bones and Booth have a little sexy time last year when they finally hooked up, I can tell you that I walked away from this episode feeling satisfied — but not necessarily because they gave me exactly what I originally wanted. Let’s just say there’s a nod to nakedness that left me with a visual that was as good or better as seeing them have sex.

There’s a truly disgusting thing involving an eyeball that I was happy to see because I love Bones — the gooey, fun crime show as much as I love the characters. And while much of this episode introduces this new journey for our main characters, there’s still a case, still a twist, and still a show about two people who work together to solve crimes.

Photo Credit: Fox