Booth Needs Patience In Spades When ‘Bones’ Returns

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January 20, 2012

EW shared a tasty Bones bit today concerning a certain new papa. David Boreanaz spoiled about Booth’s adjustments to Temperance with a newborn.

“He’s a good dad [with Parker], but with a newborn, he realizes it’s going to take a lot of patience to deal with Temperance in so many different ways. It’s going to be fun.” Speaking of Parker, look for him to pop up around episode 10 and throw a little (jealousy-rooted!) drama into the new parents’ lives.

  • Anonymous

    Bones is no longer written for anyone over 18 years old. To bad, at one time this was a good
    show to watch.
    Now it is nothing more than a Soap Opera…..

  • Anonymous

    NYC2 I couldn’t disagree with you more!   Bones is “finally” being written for those of us over 18!  It’s got humor, romance, chemistry and of course gore!  It’s absolutely one of the best, if not the best, show on television!