Booth and Brennan Flashback In The Season 7 Premiere, “The Memories In The Shallow Grave”

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June 30, 2011

I spoiled earlier that the season 7 premiere of Bones,“The Memories in the Shallow Grave”, will air November 3rd and will find Brennan in her third trimester. According to TV Line, the season opener finds Booth and Brennan dwelling on their distant past.

“The first case involves a victim trying to recover her memory,” exec producer Stephen Nathan divulges. “This will play into Booth and Brennan dealing with the memories of growing up, of their families, and what it means for them to create new memories for the family they are forming. And, because of their inherent differences, they also have to decide what kind of family they are going to be.”

Is everyone else as excited as I am about seeing Brennan’s dark past?

  • caro1212

    Ho yes can’t wait to see what is in store about the past of Booth and Brennan. What lays a heah for them? Also how there future will unfold.