Will There Be A ‘Bones’ Season 7?

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April 4, 2011

Looks like the squinterns along with Booth and Brennan will be returning for Season 7 of Bones. David Boreanaz couldn’t wait to share the good news and jumped on twitter last night revealing, ‘Season 7 is GO for Bones’. Fox is expected to confirm later this week and announce a one-year renewal for the veteran series.

The end of season run for Bones is about to start and many fans are desperately hoping for a season 7. Well, I have some great news!

According to Fox president Kevin Reilly, the network is currently in negotiations to bring Bones back in the Fall. The long running series has got a second wind in season 6 and thanks to dedicated fans, it will more than likely be renewed.

“I anticipate they’re both going to be back,” says Reilly. “We have some negotiations to go through.” “We’re currently in the process of making a deal to bring back ‘House’ and ‘Bones,’” Reilly continues. “We want them both.”

Latest new Bones episodes drew 11.613 million viewers with 3.3/10 score among 18-49.

With Terra Nova, and The X Factor already announced on next Fall’s Fox schedule, it’s possible that the only dramas from this season that are renewed will be House, Glee and Bones. They’re certainly the only ones that have ratings in the range that have typically indicated renewal.

I’ll be sure to keep my pack of fellow fanatics up to date in the weeks to come! In the meanwhile let us know what do you think about season 7 renewal in the comments below!

  • caro1212

    Please let it be that there will be a season 7 even if the season starts a bit later because Emily will probably give birth in September or October I don’t really know but that is what I’ am thinking.

    Please come back lucky 7

  • caro1212

    There as to be a season 7 because wee need to know if Booth and Bones do get together and also see them be a couple how to go thought thinks and relationship situation will being partner in crime solving. Wee just don’t get enough of them and all the gang.

    But if there is season 7 they to come back a bit more to there root’s to get Bones back as she was taught strong confident women the one that wee knew up to season 41/2. having them Booth and Bones back to just them 2 to do the investigation have him coming back to each other offices to discuss there point of view on the case that was the winning combo.

  • Fishincowboy1978

    Yes Please let there be a 7th season. I love this show. The characters work wonderfully together. Again, please bring it back!

  • Fishincowboy1978

    Yes Please let there be a 7th season. I love this show. The characters work wonderfully together. Again, please bring it back!

  • Krp

    Fringe has already been renewed. Wouldn’t Fringe be a drama?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Neuman/510878117 Lisa Neuman

     Emily’s pregnancy is also being written into the show. Season 6 ended with Dr.Brenan annoucing to Booth outside of her apartment as they were coming home from seeing Angelia’s baby that she is pregnant with his child. Question is how and when did this happen. We know she spent the night with Booth and fell asleep in his arms after crying over the unexpected death of one of her interns. But did they end up having sex later on as a way to give each other confort. You could see that all through out the finale Brennan was acting weird when she kept on saying, “I hope when I have a child she is not a crazy killer” and also when Hoggens came out to show everyone the baby, she didn’t want to look at it and instead went to talk to Angela instead asking if the birth hurt. It then popped into my head that maybe Brennan was preggers and that’s why she was acting strange. My prediction was verified at the end of the episode. Course,I knew it was coming when I read Emily’s latest intervew about her own pregnancy, saying that she didn’t think it was going to be written into the show and that most of her pregnancy was going to be hidden with close ups on Brennan in season 7.  I though as I read this, “She’s just trying to throw fans off the trail!” We all know that sience season 4 that Brennan wanted to have a baby. It was even forshadowed in season 5 by a psychic that Brennan would have a baby with Booth when the timing was right. Meaning they had to be in love first. Well based on watching the finale, It doesn’t look like Bones and Booth are in love yet.

  • Linda_young76

    Please keep it on the air.This show is too good to let go.. It’s one of my familys best time together.. 

  • gsmarty444

    Bones is awesome why would it not be renewed it is my favorite show in the whole world and I can’t wait to see what happens with Brennan’s pregancy 

  • gsmarty444

    Bones is awesome why would it not be renewed it is my favorite show in the whole world and I can’t wait to see what happens with Brennan’s pregancy 

  • Mon1que43

    I hope to god there usa season 7! That would be a bundle of awesome.

  • Mon1que43

    I hope to god there usa season 7! That would be a bundle of awesome.

  • Hawkknott

    I cant wait for Bones to come back!  Its about time Booth and Brennen to get serious.  I am so excited to hear she is pregnant with Booths child.  I hope to see them together.  It is what I have been waiting for

  • Flora Wong

    i wanna know when season 7 will start showing? XD

  • Vampire_knight_66

    Well i really hope that a season 7 is made (aired). i havent really watched EVERY episode but i really hope that Bones and Booth become a couple. I mean in the first episodes, they tried to be a couple but i guess the ‘circumstances’ didn’t let them. And in some recent episodes, Booth has somehow tried to confese how he feels about her but given that Bones thinks sooo scientificaly, there wasn’t a way to tell her… (i hope you know what i mean) and now that Bones is prego with Booth’s baby, i hope that they continue the show. (pretty pretty please? with a cherry on top? and iceing?

  • Vampire_knight_66

    I forgot to mention: if anyone knows anything on the new BONES season (7) please inform me. I really don’t want to miss ANYTHING. (I really hope that Bones really goes on with the pregnancy, i mean it would suck if they made her have a misscarrige or something… i mean Booth and Bones NEED to become a couple!!!! =)

  • Dodgenonnie

    i love bones….i wait all week for it to come on t.v…..i really hope you bring it back, i have always wanted booth and bones to get together…..and now that’s she pregnant with his baby there has to be another season, i want to see her pregnant and them together talking about their futuere and their baby please bring bones back…..

  • Nuria Noceda

    there has to be a bones season 7!!!!! iam really looking forward to it!

  • Bksg

    please let there be a season 7, and please let us all know when it will be airing please 

  • Lauren Of The Desert

    i’m wondering the same thing…. i cannot wait too much longer.

  • Linda Baynard9

    Best show on T.V. Can’t wait for season 7. Love to see love stories and Booth and Brennen are surely in love, she just can’t say it because of her past hurts. Educational also. Love the jewerly!!!
    Please let us now when it airs, don’t want to miss a single episode.
    Love it, keep it on!!!!

  • Suz

    Thanks for bringing Bones back.  I so love it .  It is my all time favorite.  Keep it going forever.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GK3FAUNSMIM57XMGQA4N7VVOZ4 Dana

    I LUV BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kika22

    Bones is the best show on T.V.! i only watch like 3 shows on T.V. and bones happens to be my favorite. i wait for it to come on every week and i make time in my busy schedule to watch it. They have to make a season 7. they cant just leave us hangin like that.

  • Tempybones2

    they are in love! they have been in love since they started working together they just wouldnt give it a change but i mean come on you could so tell by the way they have allways looked at each other and they are allways doing stuff that hints there in love and she is not even supposed to go with him to places most of the time but she does anyway and well i mean how can you not know there in love!? (note in this reply i am not trying to be mean, but just stating a fact that you realy need to know)

  • Annstclair

    7 th season will air on november 3rd 

  • happygeeksgirl

    I don’t know what my husband and I would do without Bones! OMG! I have been watching Bones since it first Aired and have been a MAJOR fan! If bones doesn’t come back I will be getting rid of my tv service completely… there is no way I am going to keep paying for tv if I cant watch my favorite show anymore. Season 5 really hit home for me since my husband is part of the Army Special Forces and was deployed at the time that it aired. Bones is one of the few shows that we have a shared passion for and it was great to watch it with him when he returned home!

  • aria1212

    cant wait love thy show

  • Soccerartist86

    Just so you know, Bones will be airing November 3!!!!! I am so excited for Bones and Booth, but I dont know if they will actually get married. It would be so cool if they did. But would their work be the same, will they move in with each other…… SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000163745811 Abigail Gienapp


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juanri-Fouche/100002566741213 Juanri Fouche

    thank goodness Bones is coming back!!! the show is awesome and should continue for a long time still.

  • MissLadyScarlet

    My mother fell in love with Bones somewhere during the first season. I was of course in love in CSI Las Vegas and at first wasn’t sure about Bones. Then I found out one of my favorite actors, David Boreanaz was in it. I had to give it a shot around season four or so. I really like Emily as an actress as well. My older sister got into it at the end part of season 6. It got put on the netflix for us to watch on the wii and we love it! I think it might be better then Days of our lives. (Watched that since 7th grade! Seems odd now that I have graduated.) Anyway, I give Bones a 10/10 on the awesome stale. Thanks for casting David, he is a great actor.

  • l&j

    I’m excited there will be a season 7, I can’t wait until it airs. Bones is a great show.

  • Estefaniafuentes85

    please OOOO please bring bones back ..amazing show!

  • guest

    If they don’t have season 7 full on riot. I wanna see bones’ baby!


    I would be so disappointed if they didnt.. I’m hoping they’ll have many seasons to come! and I don’t enjoy very many tv shows!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WVV324UFH5AMNXUPRWELMKFV2I Don

    oh no,  i am in season 6 but not to the below info.  thanks to someone re writing the season 6 ending i now know what is going to happen.  angela has a baby,  did not know she was preg,  brennen gets pregnant did not know when booth and her would cross over,  and someone i possibly like (one of the floating interns die).   darn.  last time i come on a blog. 

  • Lia_themusic

    Good!! Cuz I only watch Bones and House! I actually don’t have time to watch anything else because of school, but I’ll make time for Bones and House!! :D YaY Booth And House!! my two fav TV Shows!! :] Thanks FOX!

  • Velma_berja13

    i really like bones  and im glad that there will be season 7 pls give us difinete date so that we can tuned  in to fox ‘

  • http://twitter.com/#!/natashafine Natasha

    Season 7 of Bones starts November 3rd on Fox. There are loads of Spoilers about the new season here: http://www.spoilersguide.com/bones/

  • Stoddartkim

     if some of those horrible soap operas have been on for years i think there should be no end of bones in sight it really is one of the best show going !!! CSI has been running for 10 years with multi. run offs plz oh plz fox dont ruin a good thing

  • Kaysok

    I; so glad to hear we will have another Bones

  • Ballardstacy1972

    my mom and i both love bones so much. i think it should be renewed .then add a seson8

  • Korbypoo4

    Bones is my new favorite show!! I and may others would love to see many more seasons!!

  • amber

    Think that bones is a AWSOME show, i could watch it all day if i could.

  • amber

    if you get nitfix you can watch it all day