Will There Be A 'Bones' Season 7?

Will There Be A 'Bones' Season 7?

Looks like the squinterns along with Booth and Brennan will be returning for Season 7 of Bones. David Boreanaz couldn't wait to share the good news and jumped on twitter last night revealing, 'Season 7 is GO for Bones'. Fox is expected to confirm later this week and announce a one-year renewal for the veteran series.

The end of season run for Bones is about to start and many fans are desperately hoping for a season 7. Well, I have some great news!

According to Fox president Kevin Reilly, the network is currently in negotiations to bring Bones back in the Fall. The long running series has got a second wind in season 6 and thanks to dedicated fans, it will more than likely be renewed.

"I anticipate they're both going to be back," says Reilly. "We have some negotiations to go through." "We're currently in the process of making a deal to bring back 'House' and 'Bones,'" Reilly continues. "We want them both."

Latest new Bones episodes drew 11.613 million viewers with 3.3/10 score among 18-49.

With Terra Nova, and The X Factor already announced on next Fall’s Fox schedule, it’s possible that the only dramas from this season that are renewed will be House, Glee and Bones. They’re certainly the only ones that have ratings in the range that have typically indicated renewal.

I'll be sure to keep my pack of fellow fanatics up to date in the weeks to come! In the meanwhile let us know what do you think about season 7 renewal in the comments below!