‘Bones’ Bits From EW

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July 15, 2011

Everyone, including myself, is missing Bones terribly! As we already know, there will be a small time jump when season 7 premieres and Brennan will be in her third trimester of pregnancy. Seeley, being the wonderful father-to-be we know he is, will be in full protective mode.

You can bet that everyone, including our Seeley, will be on Brennan Watch when the show returns and they find her in full baby bloom to the point where she has trouble maneuvering around Booth’s kitchen in the morning. (Make of that last part what you will… ) Their efforts to help, however, will definitely be met with typical Brennan reactions.

Source: EW

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TOQG2E7OAEFA6Q2KLRFDVXJR4Q Brianna

    shes really pregnant in real life and i like how they incooraparted that into the script