'Bones' Bits: A New Baddie, A New Sweets And A New Backstory

'Bones' Bits: A New Baddie, A New Sweets And A New Backstory

TV Line has several Bones bits to share about season 7. Ausiello spoils about the new baddie, Sweet's new role and much more.

"But thematically, they have to deal with two things this year that are a combination of the two of them. One's the baby, and the other is this big baddie." The always cryptic Nathan also revealed, “Brennan and Booth’s best-laid plans have always been destroyed by reality, and this season will be no different.”

Nathan reveals more about Sweet's expanded field duties.

The expanded field duties will “bring him closer to Booth in the first six episodes,” reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan, “which is not always what Booth wants.” We’ll also see “how Sweets and his gun affect Daisy,” Nathan adds. “I’m sure you can imagine some of the possibilities.”

EP Stephan Nathan also spoils about the return of Tina Majorina's character.

The boss man divulges that Shaw will be getting a little bit of a backstory in Ep 4. “We’ll have a few surprises for her character,” he shares. “Our dedicated FBI agent might have a few complications in her life that Booth didn’t know about.”