Agent Shaw Returns, Plus Tender Moments For Booth and Grandpa Booth

Agent Shaw Returns, Plus Tender Moments For Booth and Grandpa Booth

TV Line has some Bones bits to share about the upcoming December 1st episode, "The Male In The Mail". Agent Shaw~Tina Majorino returns to work with the gang at the Jeffersonian, while Booth and Grampa Booth take a stroll down memorylane.

Agent Shaw does indeed return on Dec. 1 (sporting a cute, new haircut!). And in her quest to help/impress Booth during a rough time, she works with quite a few of the other characters on a case. In addition to bouncing ideas off of Sweets, she gets to watch Angela do her thing, prompting the newbie to gush, “I can’t believe I’m getting to work with you people!”

Hangela is relegated to the backburner in the aforementioned Dec. 1 episode, an hour that mostly belongs to David Boreanaz’ Booth. Ralph Waite returns as grandpops to deliver some big news to Booth about his father. By the end of the episode, you’ll be looking at those blue Veterans Stadium seats in Booth’s apartment in a whole new light.

I can confirm that Booth will receive some very tragic news from his grandfather, and Boreanaz's performance is pretty devastating. Fortunately, Booth has a great support system in Brennan, who will keep her usual iciness in check. But will she be able to keep her bangin' new pregnancy body in check??? Yeah, the episode won't be all tears.

Source: TV Guide