Additional ‘Bones’ Episodes Ordered, But When Will They Air…

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September 16, 2011

More Bones episodes have been ordered for season 7! EP Stephan Nathan revealed to TV Line the deets about the additional four episodes that Fox has ordered for Bones.

“It’s a very odd situation we’re in,” adding that Fox “has scheduled us for 13 episodes, but they want as many episodes as we can produce. We’re constructing the season so that the finale is Episode 13,” Nathan says. “And then there will ultimately be four more episodes that we can play with. [Fox] could run them on a different night, they could run them in the summer, or they could hold them for fall.” Nathan elaborates, “Because the show is centrally episodic, and we know what’s happening with Booth and Brennan, we can do four great episodes that are almost like a mini-season. So we can do a four-episode mini season after the 13-episode regular season. It’s weird, and it’s a challenge,” he concludes. “But we’ll do it.”

Season 7 of Bones premieres November 3rd at 9/8c.