A 'Bones' Wedding, A Stable Birth And Finn's New Girlfriend!?!

A 'Bones' Wedding, A Stable Birth And Finn's New Girlfriend!?!

Tomorrow night's "Crack In The Code" will be the last episode of Bones that fans will get for a long while. That didn't stop EP Stephan Nathan from spoiling about a possible Booth and Brennan wedding, baby Bones and a new romantic coupling that we can anticipate when the Fox crime drama returns.

“I can’t see a wedding happening this season,” says executive producer Stephen Nathan. “At some point I think there has to be [one]. But there are going to be so many problems they’ll have to deal with before that, like how their work is affected by this baby — and it’s going to be affected a lot.” In related news, Nathan would neither confirm nor deny rumors that Brennan gives birth in a stable.

I also have a new couple alert for season 7 of Bones involving new squintern, Finn and Cam's daughter Michelle.

“That’s going to be a terrific arc,” Nathan tells me. “It starts in Episode 8, which will air in the fall of 2041[sarcasm].” It’s funny because it’s true.

Source: TV Line