Body Of Proof Spoilers: A Revamped Dr. Megan Hunt In Season 3!

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January 11, 2013

Producers of the returning ABC series ‘Body of Proof’ talked to TV Guide where they teased the revamped storylines and character dynamics that viewers can expect on the season 3 premiere. The conversation also brought up a few spoiler details as well, check them out below.

What to expect in Body of Proof season 3:

  • Megan and her team will not only be solving murders but also trying to stop something bad from happening.
  • Actor Mark Valley joins the cast as Megan’s new leading man. He will play Tommy Sullivan, a detective whom Megan was once romantically involved with. Unlike Megan’s previous will-they-or-won’t-they tension with Peter (Bishop), her relationship with Tommy will be much more combative.
  • Megan’s daughter, Lacey (Mary Mouser), will pop up more at her mom’s office. She will be part of the two-part premiere.
  • Megan’s parents to also play a heavy hand in her emotional growth (or lack thereof) this coming season when a mystery comes up related to Megan’s father’s suicide.
  • Megan’s boss Kate (Jeri Ryan) run for Congress.
  • When Season 3′s 13-episode run comes to an end, producers promise at least some resolution. “We have a really nice end to this season that sort of revolves what happened to Megan’s dad … and, to an extent, the relationship with Mark,” showrunner Evan Katz said.

‘Body of Proof’ season 3 premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 5 on ABC.