Body of Proof — Renewed or Cancelled for Season 4?

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May 11, 2013

UPDATE: As of 05/10/2013, ABC has cancelled Body of Proof after three seasons. Read article here.

bopWill Dr. Megan Hunt and her team get the ax from ABC this year? Find out if Body of Proof can get a season 4 renewal, here’s our early round-up:

After being bumped a couple of weeks by ABC, Body of Proof was finally set to air its third season premiere on Feb. 19 this year. Recently, the medical drama has gone through a series of shakeup in preparation for its third season comeback. The showrunners have decided to revamp the show by adding new elements in hopes to attract more viewers. Hence, a stronger season. Unfortunately, the rebooted version was not able to impress the network. The premiere fared below par with a 1.2 in rating and a total of 6.75 million total viewers.

Week two did not present progress either, the series dipped a -6% change in audience share (6.37 million).

The Dana Delany starring series has only aired five episodes from its thirteen episode order. The most recent episode aired posted a 1.5 in rating and drew 8.42 million set of eyeballs, the highest performance to date.

Currently staying on the Tuesday 10pm berth of ABC,  the show is going against ‘Golden Boy’ a new cop drama from CBS. The CBS newbie premiered with okay ratings (1.8) and a total of 10.5 million viewers. Hopefully, the numbers of the medical series can sustain its steady ratings until the its third season finale. If this happens, it will be unlikely for the series to get the boot.

For now, we can predict that the show lies under a ‘toss up between renewal or cancellation’. According to Deadline, the show should at least stay on par with last season when it averaged a 2.1/6 in 18-49 and 9.9 million viewers.

Do you want Body of Proof to get a season 4 renewal?

  • Body of Proof is amazing.


  • Hunter Johnson

    YES I love this show which is most likely why the bone headed network will cancel it…

  • adkpops

    no golden boy is the best

  • Danni

    Yes defiantly I watch it in the uk on iTunes and I’m hooked

  • I’m freakin 13

    I was controversial about if season 3 was going to be good or not… It’s fantastic. The cases are so much better and more interesting and Tommy and Adam are adorable. Stick with it. Those ratings will definitely perk up!

  • BOPhater

    HELL NO……… Dana Delany is the worst! She is a dried up old hag.

  • R Bensing

    great show… KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Goldilocks

    Yes, yes. I like of B.O.P ?

  • Sandy

    Yes, Body of Proof Rocks!!!

  • Stephanie Jones

    Yes – Renew!!!. It is good show. I think what the networks need to ask themselves is why remove a good show to just replace it with something that won’t be as entertaining. The cast is good. I like the changes and the addition of Mark Valley as a love interest and crime solving partner for Meghan. The Police Chief character needs to go (she is too harsh).

  • Technetitgirl


  • Lindsay

    You’re really rude, Dana’s beautiful I’d like you to look like you’re 30 at 57!

  • A concerned watcher

    Don’t take Body of Proof off the air. People can tivo Golden Boy if they want to. Dana is a great actress and we LOVE the show.


    YES!!! P-L-E-A-S-E !!!!!!

  • Lucyphill

    omg!!! I LOVE this show!!! If the USA cancel can the UK take it over?!?! I love it!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! LOVE DANA DELANY TO!!!

  • LucyPhill

    I agree with Lindsay!! She is absolutely f***ing beautiful! If I look anything like her when I’m in my 20′s I’d be happy!! She is so blummin’ gorgeous!

  • mon

    yes of course, please ABC keep it!! i love this show very very much!!

  • Ana Cumberbatch Holmes


  • maryjolocke

    please renewed body of proof season 4 like that show keep it on

  • tammy

    keep this show! The revamp is working.

  • amazing

    YES I WANT !!!

  • L Vezzetti

    My family & I Love Body of Proof – Please renew !!!!!

  • Mena

    I would like to see the show renewed – really want to know if Dr. Hunt’s father committed suicide or not!!! Don’t cancel Body of Proof

  • MaiasMoma

    Please renew this show. It’s excellent with excellent actors.


    Yes !!!! Please it’s one of my favorite shows :) if abc doesn’t want it they’re making a mistake cause this shows is amazing !!!!


    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST TRASH!!!!!!

  • Vegas Vic

    Let it up to ABC to screw up another GREAT show. They cancel this show I will never watch another show on ABC, NBC lost a lot of viewers when they canceled Vegas back in 2008. They think everyone watches sports. WRONG

  • Vegas Vic

    Cannot believe ABC is canceling Body of Proof. But they keep running dancing with the stars which the real dancer never win. This is a show they really should cancel. If not for Tom Bergergon the show would be a total flop.

  • Jimmy Self

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Body Of Proof…Please don’t cancel it. Why are all the good shows getting cancelled while these ignorant people on reality shows getting to take their spots…

  • j. guzman

    Yes! I really enjoy Body of Proof! I think it is an excellent show. Please keep it on! It frustrates me when networks cancel the good ones!!

  • Terry

    I was a bit miffed when they changed characters, but I continued to watch. The new chemistry is actually better an I never miss an episode. I’ve never seen Delaney in anything else, so I can only go on what I see here. She’s a great talent and the story lines this year have been a major improvement too. It’s the only crime show I watch. The CSI stuff never caught my fancy. I watched one once and it was a two hour deal. How they figured out where the guy was buried in the box before his air was cut off was far far too unreal to not think about as you’re watching it. Keep BOP and quit putting things like third rate stars in “reality” programs like Splash.

  • Bert

    Yes Good Show much better than Golden Boy

  • Judi

    I love this show and hear that it is cancelled. I am very sad as I looked forward to seeing Dana perform and the chemistry within the cast is great.
    Sad to hear of this show being cancelled.

  • Alexis

    was always a fan of show, mainly because of dana delany. was skeptical when they said it was retooled/rebooted. when BOP season 3 finally aired, i was very happy. BOP3 has better writing, better story lines and better character development. now that the show has been canceled and If the show does is not picked up by either USA, TNT or WGA, I hope ABC finds another show for dana, one of the best in the business.

  • Jlinn

    I love this show!!! I’ll be so mad if they cancel it!!

  • daniela


  • Peggy White Pekala

    Yes!!!! One of the best shows on tv.

  • Ron White

    YES KEEP THE SHOW!!!!! I think one of the best shows on tv. But as always never do they keep the good shows.

  • C

    YESSS!! I love the 1st and 2nd season the most..I love watching Crime,Mystery shows..I work 3rd shift so i use that time to catch up on all my shows i have missed during the week. Cant get rid of it Body of Proof and Law and Order SVU. is only shows i really watch. and Enjoy… =)

  • Dani

    Yes! Yes! I love this show!

  • melissa

    Keep it, it is an amazing show! Besides we have to find out if Tommy and Megan get married, or where they end up??

  • sallyyo

    Yes……Please renew this great show…..

  • Natalie

    Please renew Body of Proof, ABC!!!!

  • Jessica


  • SJ

    I love this show!! :D Its the only show that hasn’t disappointed me

  • Rall

    Of course… Yes!!!

  • hi

    Please Please Please!!!!

  • a person

    Made me want to be a medical examiner!! This show is practically my life…

  • brandi


  • YO

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Hols

    Yes please!!!!!! Great show…

  • emma todd

    please please keep body of proof its great love it

  • Rachel Dunsdon

    Yes please im really liking the show alot!!

  • Love2live

    Yes it’s. a Great Show. ABC is crazy to cancel it.

  • 1234


  • kim

    really really want season 4 , keep it running please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    YES!!! Body of Proof has to have season 4!!!It’s my favorite show!!! I work hard everyday at school to stay in the top 5% of my class, and every Tuesday I finish my homework and studying early so I can take a break and watch body of proof. It would be so disappointing if they canceled the only show I ever have time to watch.

    Sinserly, Nicole Butler

  • Body of proof is the best!

    Please renew Body of Proof!!! Its the best show ever!

  • Terry

    Doubtful with all the CSI/Crime dramas on TV that they would change this decision. We can hope a cable network might pick it up. Fingers crossed.

  • brill show

    bring body of proof back i’ve watched it from the start it’s brilliant i have one more thing to say and i’m sure everyone wll agree DON’T CANCEL BODY OF PROOF.

  • carolyn

    keep it. love this show!!!!

  • Mel

    I will seriously cry if Body Of Proof gets cancelled. I’ve been hooked ever since the very first episode! I even downloaded them to watch again!

  • sarah

    YES!!!!!!! I love this show

  • maryjolocke

    yes bring back body of proof

  • christine kohlmaier


  • Nene

    Body of Proof is one of my favorite shows!!!! Do Not cancel!!!!

  • BOP lover

    Hope they don’t cancel it! It keeps getting better and better!

  • C Slidkevich

    Yes Body of Proff is a great show excellent actors and the shows are so
    interesting and so real. Pleae keep Body of Proof on for Season 4!

  • Body of Proof is the best show


  • Series’ addicted

    You can’t cancel BODY OF PROOF!!!!!!


  • Katarina


  • kristen

    yes everyone loves it I want to see whatb happens between tommy and megan its like her life just started I want it to renewal

  • ferjan

    Pot favor, cuarta temporada para Cuerpo del delito.

  • Michelle

    I just love Body of proof and I think they did a great job in season 3, the cases are more dramatic and I just love it, but I always enjoyed watching.. SO PLEEEASE KEEP IT! Body of proof combines so many things, action, drama and love as well. It would be a pitty to lose this wonderful tv show to some boring love story..

  • lulu

    Hell yeah!

  • Michelle

    I am dying to watch this series… I love Dr. Delaney!!!

  • nate

    Hell Yeah!!!

  • Anthony Trussler

    Great show just watched season 3 just one word amazing

  • Mumi


  • sunny

    i really really liked it!!! one of the best shows!!!! please dont cancel it!!