Body of Proof — Renewed or Cancelled for Season 4?

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May 11, 2013

UPDATE: As of 05/10/2013, ABC has cancelled Body of Proof after three seasons. Read article here.

bopWill Dr. Megan Hunt and her team get the ax from ABC this year? Find out if Body of Proof can get a season 4 renewal, here’s our early round-up:

After being bumped a couple of weeks by ABC, Body of Proof was finally set to air its third season premiere on Feb. 19 this year. Recently, the medical drama has gone through a series of shakeup in preparation for its third season comeback. The showrunners have decided to revamp the show by adding new elements in hopes to attract more viewers. Hence, a stronger season. Unfortunately, the rebooted version was not able to impress the network. The premiere fared below par with a 1.2 in rating and a total of 6.75 million total viewers.

Week two did not present progress either, the series dipped a -6% change in audience share (6.37 million).

The Dana Delany starring series has only aired five episodes from its thirteen episode order. The most recent episode aired posted a 1.5 in rating and drew 8.42 million set of eyeballs, the highest performance to date.

Currently staying on the Tuesday 10pm berth of ABC,  the show is going against ‘Golden Boy’ a new cop drama from CBS. The CBS newbie premiered with okay ratings (1.8) and a total of 10.5 million viewers. Hopefully, the numbers of the medical series can sustain its steady ratings until the its third season finale. If this happens, it will be unlikely for the series to get the boot.

For now, we can predict that the show lies under a ‘toss up between renewal or cancellation’. According to Deadline, the show should at least stay on par with last season when it averaged a 2.1/6 in 18-49 and 9.9 million viewers.

Do you want Body of Proof to get a season 4 renewal?

  • Mustafe Ismail

    yes please keep the show. i have been watching every episode and loved and it would be really sad if it was cancelled

  • Kasparas Stalgys

    KEEP IT!!!

  • nicocielo

    queremos otra temporada esta ultima ha sido la que con diferencia más acción, amor y todo
    4 temporada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

  • Hep Farkl?, güzel :)

    I dont know how I can stand without watchin body of proof..


    YES !!!!!!!!! i wait around all week for this show

  • Heli

    GREAT SHOW, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheryl

    It has been years since I watched anything on ABC and there are only two shows that I watch and they are Castle and Body of Proof. ABC is a big disappointment and will continue to be an even bigger disappointment with the lousy shows that they have on their channel. Someone at the top is not listening to what their audience is telling them what they want to see on TV. ABC used to be a great channel to turn on and watch with the family. What happened to you? ABC STINKS!!!!

  • Jim

    To bad… I liked the serie

  • Ben-Jamin

    Absolutely there should be 2 to 3 more seasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BodyOFproof#1

    YESSsSsS!!!! I’m begging!!!!!!

  • Fanbop

    Sad for canceling.

  • Opinionated

    I love this show. Alot of deduction and putting puzzles together. Kind of show we need instead of all the bad T.V reality shows that keep replacing interesting series. Please keep the show on

  • Adam waweru

    Its fantastic. KEEP GOING.

  • Dollymom

    PLEASE RENEW for season 4!!!!!! Love the show

  • Cathy

    Yes, please, please, please keep Body of Proof on tele. There are SO many “new” shows appearing and I cannot be bothered with half of them and so many other shows that are completely rubbish. Why get rid of something that works, albeit not giving the tv stations the millions they want, but what about us loyal fans to a show that actually enjoy it – we may be a minority but aren’t we important! ISN’T LIFE ALL ABOUT WHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY – PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Claude Corbeil


  • kim in california

    Yes Yes yes!

  • Cheryl Elkington

    yesss yes yes renew please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellen

    I live in Wales and my whole family love the show one of the best tce out of America for years

  • lisa Peterson

    Please renew season four I LOVE this show Megan hunt is fantastic with Tommy

  • Jokathryn

    Yes please – I love Body of Proof! It’s one of my favourites!!

  • KJ

    Absolutely! Loved this show.

  • Bee Wongtipa

    I love it .. pls .. pls.. bring it back !!!

  • linda

    yes renew it it’s a great program

  • Cat

    please keep body of proof its a great show and i would really like the old police officers to come back the ones from season 2, i liked them and got use to them in it. why get rid of them in the first place when people liked the show to begin with, that means people liked them.

  • Fan

    YES!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  • LLC

    Body of Proof is one of my FAVORITE shows. There are a lot of shitty azz crappy shows on and coming on. Enough with the reality shows. Who cares about following someone else’s life. I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP BODY OF PROOF!!!!!!!!