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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 2 "Hunting Party" Guide & Promo

Take a look at video promo and episode guide for the second episode of Body of Proof season 2, "Hunting Party" .

In episode 2, a wealthy tycoon's much younger new wife, Julie Loeb, is shot at a family deer-hunting outing, suspects abound. The tycoon, Martin Loeb, is such a likely suspect that Megan openly accuses him and is fired from the case by Kate, at the request of the highly-influential Martin. Martin's ex-wife, Alexandra Loeb, had a clear financial motive, but his grown children are also potential suspects. Megan and Kate's relationship grows ever chillier, but Megan's new case, that of a bludgeoned man killed in a bad neighborhood, brings her right back to the initial murder.