Boardwalk Empire Spoilers Margaret Takes Full Advantage Of Nucky

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October 6, 2010

Kelly MacDonald~ Margaret Schroeder on “Boardwalk Empire” has had a rapidly expanding role this season. Judging by next week’s promo, she’s being set up nicely for a ‘more than meets the eye’ role in this amazing first season. Eonline has a juicy spoiler about Margaret’s future.

Petra in Florida: Boardwalk Empire’s Kelly MacDonald is both mousy and super hot, but I’m worried that she’s going to end up in the poor house.
Fear not. Mrs. Margaret Schroeder is nobody’s fool. She sees Nucky (Steve Buscemi) for who he really is, and uses him accordingly, much to the dismay of his main hoochie, Paz de la Huerta’s Lucy. (Psst…Look for an amazing throwdown between Margaret and Lucy a few episodes down the line.)