Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Spoilers Nucky’s Dead Wife, Not So Dead

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February 11, 2011

“Boardwalk Empire” had an amazing first season, getting picked for a second season after the first episode aired. Thanks to TV Guide I have some spoilery goodness to share, which will help ease the pain of the long hiatus ;). Looks like Nucky’s deceased wife might not be so dead after all. You know, death means nothing on TV.

Blink and you missed it, but in Season One of Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood actress Molly Parker appeared in a photo as Nucky’s deceased wife. But death means nothing on TV, and now it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Parker is the near future. “It’s very possible,” she teases. “I guess we’ll see. It’s a potential surprise.” Though Parker doesn’t want to give anything away, she does say she was hired for more than just posing for a picture. “I was hired to play a role, and that is a role that comes up later.”

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  • JConway

    No way on earth that’s going to happen. Going so far away from the true story on this issue, would be a mistake and I don’t believe Terrence Winter would be that naive.

  • Roberteucare

    They are talking about nuckys flashbacks