Michael Shannon Spoils About Van Alden’s Path To Redemption

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October 29, 2011

Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon, spoils about his character’s quest for redemption in season 2 of the HBO hit prohibition drama. Van Alden has veered far from his righteous path of season 1 and season 2 has been a trek through the wickedness of Atlantic City, ultimately seeking redemption for his indiscretions.

“It’s a crowded intersection [around Nucky] for sure,” says Shannon. “But I think Van Alden really just gave up. I mean, Van Alden really tried in Season 1. He knew what happened and he knew who was guilty and he knew what should be done and he couldn’t do it. He simply couldn’t do it…. And he descended into this really dark place where he started drinking and knocked up Lucy. So for me this season is about Van Alden really trying to accept what he’s done and redeem himself.” Shannon goes on to explain that Rose hold the keys to Van Alden’s redemption. “I think honestly, right now, Van Alden can kind of really give a flying rat’s butt about alcohol,” he says. “I think he’s a lot more concerned about this baby he’s about to have…. Because I believe that Van Alden really loves Rose. I think that’s why the first episode [of Season 2] was Rose coming to visit him in Atlantic City, because I think in an ideal world for Van Alden he would be able to get back to Rose and to just go back to the life he had before all this started in the first place…. I think he’s very frightened for himself and his soul. He knows that he’s sinned a great deal and that he’s probably not in God’s good graces anymore. So he would like to rectify that somehow.”

Source: Fancast News