Blue Bloods Spoilers: Det. Jackie Curatola Not Returning — Casting Spoilers

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January 7, 2013

Actress Jennifer Esposito also known as Det. Jackie Curatola on CBS procedural, Blue Bloods, has been confirmed not to reprise her role — TV Line reports.

Sources confirm to TVLine that Blue Bloods actress Jennifer Esposito — who departed from the CBS drama in October amid controversy — is not expected to reprise her role as Det. Jackie Curatola this season. Or next season.

Or ever.

However, to substitute for her loss, TV Line adds that the show is rotating in new characters portrayed by Megan Ketch and Megan Goode.

Are you sad to hear that Jennifer Esposito is leaving?

  • Katana

    If Jennifer isn’t coming back at least cast someone who has a personality better suited to the fabulous Donnie’s character! The last chick didn’t click. Jennifer was the perfect match.

  • MJsLady

    After a season minus Jackie, they need to bring her back. Danny is too strong to mess with these weak substitutes he needs a strong partner.

  • mdmesg

    that is too bad she was one of my favorite characters on this show, I really did not like the new partner they set him up with….yuck…just was not a match…bring her back…they had great chemistry…..

  • DLP

    Yes I love her and Danny together. She played an edgy part but stayed in line enough to keep him straight. I think CBS did her dirty if she was sick to let her go.

  • graumli

    WHT?? Someone (the producers maybe??) needs to get their minds right! The partnership chemistry between Jackie & Danny was great; none of the “stand-in’s” equal that. If she’s well enough to return to the filming schedule, producers should be thrilled to have her return…I know her fans would be!