Blue Bloods Season 3 Finale Spoilers: Showrunner Promises No Cliffhanger But A Main Character Is In Jeopardy!

Devil's Breath

TV Guide spoke to Blue Bloods showrunner Kevin Wade about the upcoming third season finale of the CBS cop drama. Keep reading for the spoilers revealed by the EP:

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The procedural's two-part finale will kick off May 3 and will focus on an uncooperative low-income housing project to which Frank & Co. have been trying to bring law and order for years. Part 1, which features Joanna Gleason as a public advocate, will end with a "call to arms," executive producer Kevin Wade says. That cues up a "violent tipping point" in the finale, when the family's beef with a gang leader puts one main character in serious jeopardy. But Wade promises that the finale wraps up "tidily" with no cliff-hanger.

An all new Blue Bloods airs on Friday with S03E21 titled "Devil's Breath", watch the extended promo released by CBS below: