The Blacklist Spoilers: Reddington Digs More About Lucy Brooks

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December 5, 2013

lucyFirst of all, congratulations to The Blacklist for getting an early season 2 renewal!

This show has progressed really well since its debut and I give my salute to James Spader and Megan Boone for making the freshman drama work so well. Hence, last Monday’s climactic fall finale “Anslo Garrick Part 2″.

The episode gave us some open-ended arcs, one of which revolves around Reddington’s real connection with Lizzy. Albeit his denial that HE ISN’T her biological father, we must not forget that Red is an amazing liar. For now, that question remains to be a mystery. (In short, I’m not buying it.) Hopefully, we get bigger answers as the first season wraps up next year.

In the mean time, you might wanna check out the following spoilers revealed by E! Online — as this may shed some light on Reddington’s backstory as well.

Prepare to learn a whole lot more about Lucy Brooks, the woman Red looked into (and had a photo of) several episodes ago. And you can expect it to intersect with Tom’s storyline.

The Blacklist returns in January 13.