The Blacklist Episode 15 Spoilers: FBI Targets Japanese Mafia Boss; Plus, Intel on Ressler’s Former Partner

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February 5, 2014

NUP_159608_0217  the blacklst good samaritan killer spader boone klattemhoffTV Line has exposed Reddington’s next target on The Blacklist. Get to know the upcoming villain below:

That installment will focus on Mako Tanida, a Japanese Yakuda crime boss put away for seven consecutive life sentences (!) thanks to the work of Agent Ressler’s Reddington task force. As scary TV villains sometimes do, though, Mako will escape from Abishiri prison, and his first order of business will be vengeance against those who dishonored him.

BONUS SCOOP | Ressler’s former partner to be introduced

In addition to Mako (who’s described as being in his mid-30s-50s), the show is also casting the role of Bobby Jonica, a Blacklist Season 1former partner of Ressler’s in his 30s or 40s. The agents reconnect at a wake, then team up to try to put Mako back in the clink. Along the way, though, Ressler will make a discovery about Jonica that will — dun dun dunnnn — change their relationship forever. (Alas, Bradley, it’s unlikely that Jonica is Keen’s father.)

Blacklist airs every Monday at 10PM ET on NBC.