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Big Bang Theory

Season 11 Episode 24

The Bow Tie Asymmetry (Season Finale)

Air Date: 05/10/2018

When Amy’s parents and Sheldon’s family arrive, everybody is focused to make sure all wedding arrangements go according to plan – everyone except the bride and groom....

Season 11 Episode 23

The Sibling Realignment

Air Date: 05/03/2018

When Sheldon learns that his mother won't attend his wedding unless he invites his brother, Georgie, he and Leonard travel to Texas to end a family feud....

Season 11 Episode 21

The Comet Polarization

Air Date: 04/19/2018

Sheldon's comic book store experiences changes when writer Neil Gaiman puts Stuart's store on the map....

Season 11 Episode 20

The Reclusive Potential

Air Date: 04/12/2018

A brilliant but reclusive scientist, Doctor Wolcott, invites Sheldon to his cabin in the middle of nowhere,...

Season 11 Episode 19

The Tenant Disassociation

Air Date: 04/05/2018

When Leonard learns Sheldon is the president of the tenants association, he decides to run against him....

Season 11 Episode 18

The Gates Excitation

Air Date: 03/29/2018

Penny gets the opportunity to host Bill Gates at work when his company wants to partner with her pharmaceutical company....

Season 11 Episode 17

The Athenaeum Allocation

Air Date: 03/08/2018

Leonard jumps through hoops to help secure the perfect wedding venue for Sheldon and Amy....

Season 11 Episode 16

The Neonatal Nomenclature

Air Date: 03/01/2018

When Bernadette won't go into labor, all her friends try different tactics to get things started....

Season 11 Episode 15

The Novelization Correlation

Air Date: 02/01/2018

When Sheldon petitions Wil Wheaton to appear on the new Professor Proton show, Wil offers a role to Amy instead....

Season 11 Episode 14

The Separation Triangulation

Air Date: 01/18/2018

Koothrappali finds himself in the middle of domestic drama when he learns the woman he's dating, Nell, has a very upset husband, Oliver...

Season 11 Episode 13

The Solo Oscillation

Air Date: 01/11/2018

When Sheldon kicks Amy out to work solo, she and Leonard bond during a series of science experiments....

Season 11 Episode 12

The Matrimonial Metric

Air Date: 01/04/2018

To discover who would be most qualified to be best man and maid of honor at their wedding, Sheldon and Amy subject their friends to a series of secret experiments....

Season 11 Episode 10

The Confidence Erosion

Air Date: 12/07/2017

Sheldon and Amy try to eliminate stress from wedding planning by applying math to the process....

Season 11 Episode 9

The Bitcoin Entanglement

Air Date: 11/30/2017

Sheldon tries to teach the guys a lesson after they cut him out of a potentially valuable Bitcoin investment....

Season 11 Episode 8

The Tesla Recoil

Air Date: 11/16/2017

Leonard and Wolowitz are furious after they learn Sheldon went to work with the military behind their backs....

Season 11 Episode 7

The Geology Methodology

Air Date: 11/09/2017

Sheldon and Bert collaborate on a research project, despite Sheldon's embarrassment....

Season 11 Episode 6

The Proton Regeneration

Air Date: 11/02/2017

Sheldon goes head-to-head with Wil Wheaton for the role of the new Professor Proton....

Season 11 Episode 5

The Collaboration Contamination

Air Date: 10/23/2017

Sheldon and Koothrappali confide in Bernadette when they can't handle Amy and Wolowitz working together....

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