Beyond Spoilers: Burkeley Duffield warns a 'perilous' season 2

Beyond Spoilers: Burkeley Duffield warns a 'perilous' season 2

The twist you saw in the finale is not a sign of hope. 

Following Monday's season finale of Beyond, star Burkeley Duffield has dropped an early tease about the Freeform drama's upcoming second season.


Get the spoilers: 

You were supposed to think that, with the Bridge destroyed and Frost gone, everything is going to be OK. But that’s not it works.

It’s a sign that something perilous is going to happen now. They’ve opened another gate, so to speak.

Also, Duffield talked about the future of Holden and Willa in season 2:

There’s a lot that goes on that defines their relationship in different ways, but exactly. I think that enough has settled down that they’re able to realize what true feelings that they have are.

I think Holden’s finally getting his footing. A lot of stuff is thrown at him very quickly, and I think finally by the end of [Episode] 10 you see him come into his own, and he starts to make decisions for himself. He finally at the end goes “this is how I feel. This is what I want.” And that’s a big point of him, because he’s finally choosing a path. He kisses Willa, and then says “this is the path that I want to go down.”


We’ve figured it out. We can start anew and can start a relationship.

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Source: KsiteTV, TV Line