Season 3 Episode 10 Lantern (Season Finale)

Better Call Saul Spoilers: EP teases season 3 finale "Lantern"

Better Call Saul Spoilers: EP teases season 3 finale "Lantern"

In an interview with EW, Better Call Saul boss Peter Gould has teased what to expect from next Monday's season finale titled "Lantern."

Get the spoilers: 

A lot of things that have been cooking, for maybe up to three seasons, come to a boil.


As to what happen's next on Nacho's storyline, here's what the EP offered:

It’s something that will become clearer in episode 10.

Is Nacho deterred by what his father said? Is that going to push him further into criminality? Of course, if his father had said, “I don’t like what you’re saying, son, but I’ll knuckle under, I see what the logic of what you say, I will accept Hector Salamanca as my partner,” then Nacho would have left having made a great sacrifice and sacrificed his relationship with his father, but also leaving with what he wanted, which is the thought that his father’s life would be saved. Things are not looking good for Nacho Varga, absolutely.


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