Better Call Saul Spoilers: EP talks Chuck's fate, teases season 4

Better Call Saul Spoilers: EP talks Chuck's fate, teases season 4

Better Call Saul co-creator and showrunner Peter Gould has addressed the burning question fans are dying to know after Monday's season finale: Is Chuck (Michael McKean) coming back to the show in season 4?

Get the spoilers: 

Well, here’s what I would say: We’re not done with the character Chuck McGill.

But on our show, that could mean a lot of things, because we have the ability to go back and forth in time. I don’t think I can be incredibly specific, because the writers room for season four has not opened yet! Anything that’s not on screen is something that we feel free to play with, so that’s the best I can do. It really looks bad for Chuck, to me, and I think that there has to be some consequences, for sure, to what happened. The big piece of suspense for me is not necessarily just what happened to Chuck, but what’s going to happen to Jimmy when he finds out what’s happened. I think that’s the great piece of suspense for me.


As to what questions fans should be asking as they wait for season 4, Gould said: 

Boy, there’s so much. What is going to be the next step in Gus’ and Mike’s relationship now that Mike has very reluctantly signed on the dotted line? What does it mean that Gus has his eye on Nacho? Is he talent-spotting Nacho or is there something darker and maybe even worse than that? And the biggest thing, of course, is: What exactly happened to Chuck and what is that going to mean to Jimmy? Jimmy has made this new resolution in episode 10. What is he going to do if he has to take responsibility for what happens to his brother? Those are all questions we’re going to be asking ourselves in the writers’ room, that’s for sure.


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