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Betrayal Episode 12 "Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth" Guide

betrayalABC has released the official guide of Betrayal episode 12 "Sharper than a serpent’s tooth..." This episode is slated to air on Sunday, Jan. 12 at 10PM ET.

  • While Jack and Elaine struggle to navigate this turbulent time with their kids, Sara and Drew may be falling back into old habits.
  • Meanwhile, Jack and Drew decide to put their differences aside and work together in the case against Karsten, revealing hidden truths.

“Betrayal” stars Hannah Ware as Sara Hanley, Henry Thomas as T.J. Karsten, Chris Johnson as Drew Stafford, Wendy Moniz as Elaine McAllister, Elizabeth McLaughlin as Valerie McAllister, Braeden Lemasters as Victor McAllister, with Stuart Townsend as Jack McAllister, and James Cromwell as Thatcher Karsten.

Guest starring are Ora Jones as Quincy Theringer, Adam Shapiro as Nate Greene, James Vincent Meredith as Officer Orestes Anderson, and Juan Francisco Villa as Detective Orjuela.

“Sharper than a serpent’s tooth...” is written by Julia Cho & Joe Hortua and directed by Stephen Herek.

Source: ABC