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Betrayal Episode 10 "...Number 16" Guide

betrayalABC has released the official guide of Betrayal episode 10 "...Number 16". This episode is slated to air on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 10PM ET.

  • Elaine and Aidan struggle with defining their relationship as they continue to get to know each other.
  • Jack takes a big step in his relationship with Sara but it may all be for naught as the murder investigation looms.
  • Karsten continues to whisper in Drew's ear about Lou Mrozek's murder, while Drew's reignited interest in the case leads to a shocking result.

"Betrayal" stars Hannah Ware as Sara Hanley, Henry Thomas as T.J. Karsten, Chris Johnson as Drew Stafford, Wendy Moniz as Elaine McAllister, Elizabeth McLaughlin as Valerie McAllister, Braeden Lemasters as Victor McAllister, with Stuart Townsend as Jack McAllister, and James Cromwell as Thatcher Karsten.

Guest starring are Sofia Black-D'Elia as Jules Whitman, Kamal Bolden as Rodney Moreno, Brendan Hines as Aiden, Ora Jones as Quincy Theringer, Adam Shapiro as Nate Greene, James Vincent Meredith as Officer Orestes Anderson, and Brian Howe as Matthew Hendricks.

"...Number 16 is written by Paul William Davies and directed by Andrew Bernstein.

Source: ABC