‘Ben and Kate’ Recruits New Showrunners

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November 11, 2012

A freshman sitcom from FX, Ben and Kate is making a change this season with their bosses, THR learned exclusively.

John Quaintance and David Feeney were tapped to replace former showrunners Garrett Donovan and Neil Goldman (Community) who decided to exit the sitcom due to creative differences.

Ben and Kate, which stars Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon, is a comedy about two siblings who are the exact opposites. The sitcom was picked-up by FOX into a reduced full season comprised of 19 epsiodes.

‘Ben and Kate’ airs every Tuesday on FX.

  • WadeWWilson87

    Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction. I
    manage to get plenty of laughs from the show, and I even save every episode to
    my DISH Hopper for any night I need to end with a laugh. Maybe this will help
    keep the show around, because I know myself and plenty of friends that work
    with me at DISH who think that Faxon is amazing. Cheers to Ben and Kate.