Ben and Kate Episode 4 “21st Birthday” Guide

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September 29, 2012

Here is the official guide for Ben and Kate episode 4 “21st Birthday”  airing on October 16th on FOX.

  • When Ben decides to throw a birthday party for Kate against her wishes, her frustration soon turns into excitement when she realizes that Ben invited Molly (guest star Rosa Salazar), Kate’s wild friend from high school, to her party.
  • Ben finds out that Darcy, the only woman he truly cared for, is moving into what used to be his and Darcy’s dream home with her new husband.
  • Tommy comes clean to Kate about why he hates Molly.
  • Cast: Nat Faxon as Ben Fox; Dakota Johnson as Kate Fox; Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Maddie; Lucy Punch as BJ; Echo Kellum as Tommy.

Source: FOX