Beauty and the Beast Spoilers: Who Will Survive Season 2's Big Finale? What Myth Will Be Explained? And More!

Beauty and the Beast Spoilers: Who Will Survive Season 2's Big Finale? What Myth Will Be Explained? And More!

Exec producer Brad Kern has previewed the final hour of Beauty and the Beast season 2 titled "Deja Vu" in an interview.

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On Vincent and Gabe's epic face-off:

Vincent and Gabe are going to face off. Is this the biggest fight the show has staged?
Kern: Yes. I was hired after the end of the first season, but I personally felt like the Vincent-Gabe beast fight was not as cool as it could've been. With Vincent super-charged this year and wanting Gabe to be super-charged when we get to the end, it's fair to say the battle this year will be a bigger, more intense battle. It has to be if we're escalating Vincent's powers and the emotional energy behind both Vincent and Gabe vis-à-vis Cat; we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't elevate the final battle.

On Cat's involvement with their fight:

Her concern in this last episode is more about Vincent surviving. The only way for Vincent to defeat this new, super-charged Gabe is to lose his humanity, and if he loses his humanity, he loses their love. Her concern is more about that than about Gabe, and she'll have to reach into her own place in the mythology to find the answer. 

On Cat's journals from her ancestors:

That's a mythology that will explode in our exploration of it in the season finale. Cat's place, Vincent's place, the journal, Rebecca, the beast creature, everything will come together and be explained and utilized in the season finale. We'll build upon that going forward, but the season finale really leans into Rebecca and the journal and Cat's place in the mythology heavily.

Plans for season 3:

It's a different mandate going into Season 3. The mandate going into Season 2 was that the network wanted to do everything to expand and reach out to broader audience. That success was checkered and the audience that continued to watch, thank God, stayed with the show every episode. So, going into the third season, what I've learned ties into what the reality is, which is that people who watch the show are the ones who need to be honored, and if we can reach out to broader audiences, fantastic, but the focus is what the loyal audience likes best and that's Vincent and Catherine.

On Tess and J.T's season 3 fate:

The most fun part of this job is when you discover things. Austin and Nina are terrific, but together they just have chemistry and it was a pleasant surprise. [CW president] Mark Pedowitz felt the same way. He was against it at first, but then saw it. It's been fun to write, but their ability to continue on in Season 3 depends upon their ability to survive the finale.