Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Spoiler: Cat’s Biological Dad is Going to “Throw Her for a Loop”

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October 8, 2013

According to TVLine, even though Cat thought she met her dad in this week’s season opener of Beauty and the Beast, she’s going to discover at some point that he isn’t in fact her real biological father.

As seen in Monday’s premiere, Cat met her biological dad yet she didn’t meet her biological dad. But that introduction is on the horizon. “Once Cat finds out the man she thought was her dad isn’t, that’s going to really throw her for a loop,” says Kristin Kreuk. “Then, because she’s a detective, she’ll start to find out who her [biological] dad is fairly quickly, and it’s tough for her. She believes that everyone from her past has lied to her… and this man is going to be the only thing that ties her to anything that she was, any of her history.”