Beauty and the Beast Season 2 First Look + Spoilers: Losing Vincent Takes A Toll on Catherine

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September 4, 2013

The CW has released a first look image of Beauty and the Beast season 2, which premieres Monday, Oct. 7 at 9/8c.

Check it out below:


SPOILERS | The season 2 premiere picks up three months later, previews series creator Sherri Cooper. The EP also stressed that the loss of Vincent will bring profound impact on Catherine. Read on for the scoop:

“You’ll see the toll [losing Vincent] has taken on Catherine,” says EP Sherri Cooper. As a result, kid sis Heather — who in the finale learned their pop isn’t really their pop — “is still trying to figure out, ‘Do I tell her? Or do I not?’ She assumes Cat is having a reaction to their dad’s accident”… and/or a “traumatic something else” that happens in their lives. Vincent’s whereabouts, meanwhile, are more (or less) quickly established, but how will his lady love possibly track him down? “You’ll realize there was one lead she could follow up on,” Cooper teases. “It’s a cool, Agatha Christie-like moment where you’re like, ‘A-ha!’” Might Cat get an assist from the other beast in her life? “Gabe was shot to pieces, but he got a second chance at life, and that affects a person’s point of view,” says Cooper. “He’s ‘born again.’”

Source: TV Line