Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 9 “Don’t Die On Me” Promo

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November 26, 2013

Beauty and the Beast returns with new episodes in January – is Vincent dead? Check out the promo for Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 9 “Don’t Die On Me” airing January 13th on The CW.

  • mario marcelo lopes

    Cat can not stay with Gabe fans like me would not like it.

  • ions are

    Well she is and I don’t like her anymore because she is a self righteous hypocrite because she doesn’t like when Vincent chooses his beast side of himself and which is apart of who he is but yet she doesn’t have any problem using Vincent and his beast side of Vincent to do her dirty work when it suits her needs like her ass kisser friend tess and her other ass kisser gabe who I might add was a beast too but now gabe is no longer a beast he acts like he is better than Vincent and acting like a goody too shoes and Catherine acting like that too even tess too even she isn’t any better and that she’s a homewrecker and willing participants in these lies and cover ups and breaking the law and also not even doing their job as a cop on less to cover her and Catherine and now gabe ass from being busted by other law enforcement officials. Catherine is a hypocrite and a dirty cop considering that she takes an oath to obey the rules and regulations when it comes to being a cop and goes out and breaks the rules and regulations for her needs and wants and which is to be with Vincent but constantly bitch about how she sacrifices everything for Vincent but as I recall correctly Vincent told not to sacrifice everything for him but she didn’t listened because she said she does it because she loves him but now that things isn’t going her way she coldly threw it in Vincent face even though she on her own made those choices on her own with her own free will to do everything she did for Vincent and also for herself too. In season 2 episode 8 and episode 9 Catherine complains to gabe of all people about how she couldn’t believe how Vincent didn’t choose her and his humanity and which Catherine is such an self center and controlling person that everything becomes about her and no one else and which is the reason why she blindsided her self into believing that everything is about her . Catherine biological father trying to kill Vincent and tori but yet Catherine makes it about herself and makes Vincent and tori out to be the villain instead of her father. Catherine thought that Vincent doesn’t have the right to think that her father deserves the same fate that her father believes that Vincent and tori deserves and Vincent and tori doesn’t have the right to try and do the same to her evil father of what her father tries to do to them. Catherine doesn’t realize how much of a hypocrite she is when she complains to Vincent about Vincent agreeing with tori and making plans with tori to take down her father instead of her and which Catherine the hypocrite did the same thing to Vincent with gabe bye agreeing with gabe and coming up with plans to take her father down with gabe instead of Vincent. Even though Vincent is wrong to cheat on Catherine with tori while he was still with Catherine but at the same time Catherine haven’t been faithful to Vincent before he was kidnapped by her father. Catherine have been emotionally cheating on Vincent with gabe by trusting and believing in gabe and constantly siding with gabe over Vincent and then then choosing to ignore Vincent warning about gabe and ignoring Vincent feelings and then inviting gabe over to have dinner with her family on a special , emotionally heartbreaking day for her and her family and was on her and Vincent anniversary which tess called out on and Catherine still chooses to ignored by her own free will and in the second entire season of beauty and the beast Catherine have been a nothing but a pain in the ass and annoying because since she and JT found Vincent it’s was like watching bambie vs Godzilla and which Vincent is bambie and Catherine is Godzilla because Catherine constantly following Vincent around who had no memories of her at that time and even when he asked her to leave him alone she doesn’t listen and then when they have sex together Catherine accused Vincent of using her for sex and if it was true , then he is wrong but she isn’t even better or innocent because she is doing the same thing for her own greedy needs and wants which is to uses sex to get Vincent memories back. I mean why would she thought using sex with Vincent would get Vincent memories immediately so he would come running back to her instead of trying to reach out to Vincent as friends first and allow him to come to her on his own when he’s ready and which got her ass tied to the chair and left alone and which her ass well deserved for thinking it was a good idea to uses sex to get Vincent memories back so he would come back to her.