Beauty and the Beast Spoilers: Watch Out For These Two Upcoming Villains

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November 20, 2013

"Never Turn Back"Two upcoming rapscallions are on their way to Beauty and the Beast! Per E! Online, we shall meet the “biggest bads in BaTB” in episode 11.

Get to know them below:

Vlad and Omar are two of Eastern Europe’s most dangerous men and they will go to great lengths to get what they want—Even if that means harming some of New York’s finest police officers….

‘Beauty and the Beast’ airs every Monday at 9PM ET on the CW.

  • Juju

    is that true that the show is up to be canceled? I can’t handle with it. what we, the fanatic Beasts, can do to save our lovely serie?

  • Violet Summer

    Vlad is my man’s name, what’s with the name use?