Beauty and The Beast Episode 6 “Worth” Guide

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October 25, 2012

Beauty and the Beast  will air its episode 6 “Worth” on Thursday, November 12, check out the guide below!

  • After she’s seemingly stood up by Vincent (Jay Ryan), Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) wonders if it’sbecause he saw her kissing Evan (Max Brown) at her birthday.
  • Vincent mysteriouslyblacked out on his way to meet Catherine, and is now searching for answers.
  • Catherine’s case pulls her into the sophisticated world of the SoHo art scene.
  • Vincent finds Catherine all dressed up to go to a gallery opening — with Evan — he has to admit that his feelings for her are growing deeper.
  • Evan makes his affections for Catherine known, leaving Catherine torn between the two very different suitors.