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Beauty and the Beast Episode 16 "Insatiable" Guide

Beauty and the Beast Episode 16 "Insatiable" Guide

Here's the official guide of Beauty and the Beast episode 16 "Insatiable". This episode is set to air on Thursday, March 21 on the CW.


  • After taking their relationship to a new level, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are forced to deal with reality when someone appears to be the framing the vigilante.
  • Evan (Max Brown) finds proof that Cat knows more than she is letting on about the beast.
  • Muirfield and the police are closing in on Vincent and this time there is no escape, so J.T. (Austin Basis) and Cat come up with an extreme solution.
  • Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello) following a tip, finds something that will forever change her relationship with Cat.

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