Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Spoilers: Catherine and Gabe Stay “Pretty Combative”

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October 8, 2013

Nancy: LOVED the BATB premiere, but nervous about VinCat’s future, especially with Gabe still in the picture!

If you were as nervous as Nancy during the Beauty and the Beast season 2 premiere, then you’ll be happy to know that E! Online has a reassuring response to her question.

Fret not over the handsome former Beast’s presence as Sendhil Ramamurthy assures that Catherine won’t be feeling amorous about Gabe anytime soon. “It stays pretty combative, certainly in these first few episodes,” he teases of the duo’s dynamic moving forward, “and then they kind of grow to an understanding. And Gabe kind of shows that he’s on board with going forward with this and trying to help with a cure for Vincent.”