• Season 1 Episode 2
  • Bella

  • Airdate:01.29.2015.


Arson investigator Samantha Orland (guest star Angelique Cabral) calls upon the Special Crimes Unit for help with a case that gets escalated to attempted murder when a serial arsonist's most recent fire involves a family. Although all evidence points to a local fire artist, Backstrom is positive their arsonist is someone they least suspect. The investigation takes a turn when the team discovers evidence missing from the crime scene and Backstrom suspects someone insides the investigation. Meanwhile, Backstrom gets tormented by childhood neighbors who stole something very special from him when he was younger and Valentine helps Niedermayer recover stolen evidence.

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series regulars:

    Rainn Wilson as Det. Lt. Everett Backstrom; Genevieve Angelson as Det. Nicole Gravely; Dennis Haysbert as Det. Sgt. John Almond; Kristoffer Polaha as Sgt. Peter Niedermayer; Page Kennedy as Officer Frank Moto; Beatrice Rosen as Nadia Paquet; Thomas Dekker as Gregory Valentine.

guest cast:

    Eddie McClintock as Sam D'Agostino; Matt Battaglia as Nick D'Agostino; David Carzell as Larry Dabkey; Angelique Cabral as Samantha Orland; Elysia Rotaru as Melinda Norburg; Kurt Ostlund as Martin Phinney; Alison Araya as Danielle Black; Marco Soriano as Robert Hodstetter.

written by:


directed by: