Baby Daddy Season 2 Episode 2 “There’s Something Fitchy Going On” Guide

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May 17, 2013

Here’s the official guide of Baby Daddy season 2 episode 2 “There’s Something Fitchy Going On”, airing on Wednesday, June 5 on ABC Family.


Matt Dallas (“Kyle XY”) and Wayne Brady (“The Wayne Brady Show,” “Let’s Make a Deal”) Guest Star

Ben suspects Riley’s new love interest is too good to be true on an all new episode of “Baby Daddy”.

  • In “There’s Something Fitchy Going On,” Ben discovers a shocking secret about Riley’s new beau, Fitch (guest star Matt Dallas), and tries to warn her.
  • Meanwhile, Bonnie accidentally sends a revealing message from Danny to Riley’s cell phone.
  • Things heat up between Danny and his new model girlfriend, Milena, and Tucker pounces on an opportunity to shine with his boss, Chase (guest star Wayne Brady).

Source: ABC