Awkward Spoilers: Ashley Rickards Speaks on Matty's Adoption Arc

awkwardAwkward dropped the A-bomb on Beau Mirchoff's Matty on last Tuesday's installment. How will this new trajectory affect his character and his relationship towards Jenna?

TV Line addressed this new mother-twist to actress Ashley Rickards,who also made her directorial debut on the said episode.

Keep reading for the latest:

“It’s a really, really good storyline and Beau [Mirchoff] kills it,” Rickards says of Matty’s impending quest. “People are going to see a deeper side of Matty. He really gets put through the ringer and it’s very realistic.”

But will Jenna and Matty’s relationship be a casualty of said ringer? All Rickards will say on the subject is that “it’s a very big growth process for both of them.”

Still, you probably shouldn’t bother lighting too many candles for Jatty, because Jenna’s about to get a jump on her college plans. And by “college plans,” I mean a college guy named Luke.

“They definitely get along and have some chemistry,” Rickards says of Jenna and Luke (Degrassi‘s Evan Williams), who we’ll meet later this season. “It’ll be interesting to see where that relationship goes. This guy’s a challenge for Jenna because he’s older. Emotionally, it’s a much more ‘mature’ interaction.”