Awkward Season 4 Spoilers: Showrunners Cast A Sexy Senior

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December 7, 2013

awkward-season-3-spoilers1Awkward is wrapping up its third season in less than a week. But don’t worry, we already got your Jenna addiction covered!

Check out what we learned from TV Line:

The MTV charmer is casting the recurring role of Eva, a new girl at school who just moved to Palos Verdes from Manhattan for her senior year. Described as “one part Eva Mendez, one part Angelina Jolie and one part Linda Fiorentino,” Eva exudes sex, sophistication and ennui. This is where you guess whether she’ll become fast friends with Jenna and Tamara, or not.

Awkward’s season 3 finale “Who I Want To Be” airs on Dec. 17.