Awkward Season 4 Spoilers: Bye High School and Hello College!

Awkward Season 4 Spoilers: Bye High School and Hello College!

tumblr_mra87inllG1rsu3beo1_500Jenna and co. will finally bid their high school days goodbye.

Yes, when Awkward kicks off its new season (April 15), expect to see the gang marvel the final days of being a senior and embark into a whole new frightening level of awkward, called college.

But with a show like this, what new level of cray cray should we prepare for?

According to actress Nikki Deloach who plays Jenna's zany mother, not only the younger kids will be entering a new phase.

Apparently, fans of the hit comedy will also see her character, Lacey sign up for classes years after having used her college money for breast implants. But rather than focusing on getting her degree, Lacey is interested in "boys, parties and drinking," Deloach teased.


"On the show, the girls go party at the Kappa Gamma house, and I happen to be a Kappa Kappa Gamma in real life," Grammer says. Lissa will also get a new brother, Tyler, when her parents adopt the child, who is African-American. "Lissa thinks he's 2 months old, but he's 18 [years old]," Grammer says. "He may turn out to be her love interest, so that's a little scandalous." Not to mention extremely awkward!

Source: TV Guide